Bike Fit

Bike Fitting
Is the Art and Science of making you comfortable on a bike. Whether you are just getting started or looking for high performance our 30 years of experience and latest technical tools will ensure a good fit.

Our shop is equipped with:

Fit Stick
Fit Kit

Bikes come in at least 6 sizes plus women’s sizes. The size of a bike is determined by the height of the frame and the length from the seat to the handle bars. We use your dimensions and tables supplied by the bike manufactures to find a match.

Hybrids are the most common everyday bikes for casual riding and are called that because they combine many other types of bike into one. They usually have a comfortable riding position, enough gears to handle our terrain and a cushy saddle. These bikes are easy to fit as they don’t put your body in a demanding position, and can be easily adjusted. Initial fitting can usually be done with the Fit Stick followed by handle bar and seat adjustment.

Fitness Bike Similar to a hybrid, aimed more at road riding, no adjustable stem, lighter. Fitting by Fit Stick

Comfort bikes are similar to hybrids except have a fatter tire. If you are concerned about stability and don’t plan to cover great distances they are a good choice. Fitting in the same as a Hybrid. Fit Stick followed by handle bar and seat adjustment.

Road Bikes are more demanding. You must want to ride far and fast and be willing to learn to ride in this position. Generally you are more stretched out, and carry some weight on your hands and the seat will be narrower. Fitting is done with Fit Kit. (see below)

Flat Bar Road Bike is a road bike but with up handle bars. A nice compromise.

Mountain Bikes initial fitting with Fit Stick. The top tube is longer making you are more stretched out with more weight on your hands. This is to make the bike perform better on the trail. Like the road bike more is expected of you.

Fit Stick.
Accurately measures leg length which is used to determine frame size. Many bikes can be chosen based on this information and handle bars adjusted to get a comfortable body position.

Fit Kit
Is a patented system in which we take seven body measurements and put them in our computer to yield a set of dimensions of an ideal bike for you. We then select a bike with these dimensions put you on the bike on a stationary trainer and use a tool called a Goniometer to observe 3 body angles to see if you are within commonly accepted ranges. Fine tuning is done with seat height and handlebar position. After going over shifting we put a helmet on you and give you a test ride. Usually we have several bikes within your range to try.

Entry level riders generally like to sit very upright. Professional racers generally have their back almost parallel to the ground. Most of us fall somewhere in between. Leaning forward is more aerodynamic and becomes important if you ride 20 miles or more and putting more weight forward balances the bike for better handling. Our goal is to find your comfort zone.

Step-in Pedals Also known as Clipless Pedals See Pedals

FIT KIT: $25.00 Is included with the purchase of a bike.