Bikes available and fee per day

trek 1.2

  • Road: Trek 1.2 ($45)

trerk 7.2

  • Hybrid: Trek 7.2 FX ($35)

Marlin 7

  • Mountain: Marlin 7 ($45)

Farley 2014  500

  • Fat tire (demo): $60 per day


  • Bottled water is available ($1 per bottle)
  •  A helmet is included. A helmet must be worn while riding.
  •  Routes suggested; free map provided.
  •  Free Parking
  •  Restroom
  •  Bikes equipped with water bottle cage and a lock.
  •  Some bikes have a small bag.
  •  A mirror is mounted on hybrid bicycles .
  •  All bikes come with flat pedals. The Trek 1.2’s come with SPD / flat pedals. We have a few of the common pedals available.
  •  $5 fee for changing pedals.


Riding from the shop is highly recommended. You can be on secondary roads in half a mile. A good ride for road bikes or hybrids is to head south on Richville and River Road 11 miles to Arlington. This route has a couple of smallish hills, a covered bridge and refreshments. Then, after eating lots of homemade chocolate and fudge you’ll be well-fueled and wound-up for the ride back!

Another route is heading toward Dorset; mountain bikes can find adventure at The Equinox Preserve.

The Fine Print.

• A day starts at 9:30 and ends at 5:30.
• We will do 24 hour days, but the first day starts at 9:30. You may also start and end at 5:30.
• If you plan to transport the bike, you must have a bike rack or large vehicle.
• Piling bikes in the back of a car is NOT recommended.
• Reservations can be made, but you must know what size bike you want. (they come in at least 5 sizes)
• We do not accept last minute cancellations due to weather.
• The best plan is to come early on the day you want to ride.


We will need your credit card number to pay for the rental.

Be prepared for a great adventure! We’ll fit you to a bike, get you a helmet and a bottle of water and suggest a route. We’ll even take your picture –with your camera of course, and send you on your way.